We are constantly expanding our partnerships to offer hoteliers access to some of the industry’s biggest portals and platforms.

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  • Busy Rooms


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    Busy Rooms was formed by leading industry executives who saw the need for a service to be created that helps accommodation providers and online distribution outlets to more easily do business together. Busy Rooms offers a complete revenue, marketing, and distribution service, which optimizes the sale of rooms for hospitality providers while serving online sales channels with supply.

  • Hotelspeaker


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    Hotelspeaker is a social listening tech company responding to guest reviews on behalf of hotel management. Our team is comprised of 100 expert writers who analyse every review with the utmost care and craft a personal response in the reviewer’s language. A simple dashboard allows hotel management to access the response, modify or validate it so that it can be rapidly posted.
    We respond to all public reviews & internal guest surveys within 24 to 48 hours. Fast. Consistent. In all languages. Professionally. Personalized. 24/7. Backed up by scientific research in partnership with the University of Ghent.
    At Hotelspeaker we believe that well-managed reviews will increase sales. Simply because customers rely heavily on peers’ reviews before confirming a hotel reservation.

  • Supervise Me

    consultant, web agency

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    Supervise Me manages and protects the reputation of hotels on online review sites:

    Web Public Relations: targeted answers to your customer’s opinions, less than 72 hours after their publication, especially on TripAdvisor and Booking (responses adapted to each customer review with SEO referencing for a better visibility of your business on the web).

    Web Reputation Protection: protection and legal assistance against malicious and fraudulent reviews (deletion of reviews, writing of discredit responses toward malicious reviews your institution is subject to). Our lawyers protect the e-reputation of your business with the legal department of major online review sites.

    With Supervise Me, save time, money, and places in the rankings of major online review sites.

  • Medialog


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    Medialog designs unique and comprehensive digital hospitality solutions to facilitate and optimize your entire administrative needs. Our company also offers applications to help you develop an alternative distribution strategy and choose the best market position.

    Innovating means designing software packages that increase your results on a day-to-day basis. Performance means a fair solution that matches your needs all the time.

  • TopGahn


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    TopGahn stands for practice oriented solutions, optimized processes and the little “extra” in service. We are dedicated to education and our passion is competence and a constructive dialogue. TopGahn represents the interface between hotel technology, ideal pricing and revenue-management.