Customer Experience Management

The Customer Experience Platform

Deliver a customer experience never seen before. Ensure that customer’s voice is heard with timely and relevant communication.

Better communication.
Better customer experiences.

Automated Communications

Design your perfect customer experience with the Customer Journey Designer to automated all communications with your customers. Individualised messages at all stages of the customer journey

Improved Operations

Operate your business more effectively by reducing manual communications and tasks from your daily business. Make your team available for what they do best – interacting and assisting your customers.

Empower Customers

Empower your guests to take control of their experience at your business. Inform customers of important information, upsell to additional services before arrival or even provide avenues for feedback before departure.

Customer Journey Designer

Meaningful communications. Automated.

Design your perfect customer communication. Automate the messages which your customers receive based upon key dates, such as booking, check-in or check-out date and also their customer profile. Ensure that your customers receive the information which they need before arrival, or even take the opportunity to upsell services to your guests to maximise revenue.

Automated Communication

Interact with your customers when they need it

Automated Messages

Send beautiful messages to your customer throughout their journey via Email or SMS. Empower and inform customers to make the most of their experience.

Inform Customers

Provide your customers with valuable information when they need it the most. Overcome questions frequently asked by customers by educating before and after their arrival.

Increase Revenue

Generate upselling opportunities via timely engagement and content. Maximise revenue per customer and improve satisfaction by facilitating the customer to create their unique experience.


Reach your guests via multiple channels, including Email, SMS, QR Code, Beacon, WIFI, tablet or mobile. Generate static links to any feedback form for flexible integration in any custom solution of your choosing.

Actionable Feedback

Listen to your customers and respond accordingly


Beautiful and flexible questionnaires that are fun to fill out. Improve the quantity and quality of feedback collected from customers during at all stages of their journey.

Listen to your customers

Receive valuable feedback at any time from your customer. Facilitate timely feedback from your customers to improve your service and analyse ongoing trends to preempt requests from future customers.

Take action

Powerful To-Do functionality ensures that any customer feedback is appropriately taken care of. Assign tasks to staff members and maintain an overview of overdue tasks.


Interaction as unique as your customers

Complete Flexibility

Advanced features, such as conditional questioning and new formats allow for more meaningful feedback from customers

Unlimited Possibilities

Benefit from an unlimited number of feedback questionnaires


Create a seamless brand experience for your customer with many customization possibilities

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